Door organisaties aan elkaar te verbinden versterkt zij een gezond, inspirerend en bloeiend muziekleven
English summary

Netherlands Classical Music Coalition (KMC)

The Classical Music Coalition is an alliance of partners, each of whom represent a specific facet of the Dutch classical music sector, for instance: branch, platform, or umbrella organizations made up of corresponding institutions, companies, individual professionals, etc.

The classical music business formed by a dynamic grid in which schools (music or otherwise), conservatories, universities, orchestras, ensembles, choirs, musicians, opera, music theatre, composers, publishers, impresarios, concert halls, festivals, media, journalists, musicologists, unions, technicians and retailers interact with one another and with ‘the listener’ (audiences). By means of an integral approach to this chain structure, the KMC strengthens the interconnection, and serves as an advocate for all pertinent interests.


The Classical Music Coalition believes in the strength of classical music for everyone. By allying organizations, it will strengthen a healthy, inspiring and vibrant musical life, and will increase the social and economic support base for classical music in the society at large.

Our aim is to reach a broad and diverse public. Classical music is for everyone, and musical education and talent development must be made available to every child. The Classical Music Coalition responds to local, national, and international current affairs; shares expertise, analyses, and working methods; and supports the mutual interests of organizations and individuals working in the classical music sector.


Classical music enriches society and brings people together; it is part of our cultural identity.

In today’s multifaceted musical landscape, where tradition and innovation go hand in hand and genres are able to develop alongside as well as with one another, makers and listeners share the entrancing yet inscrutable musical energy that touches the lives of many, and that enriches life with colour and meaning.
From its inception, classical music branched out and became closely interwoven with other musical genres. The connections are powerful, intense, finely meshed, varied and welcoming. For the Classical Music Coalition, these are the fundamental qualities on which we gauge and evaluate our raison d’etre, motivation, standpoints and activities. Music is crucial to health, happiness, and interpersonal contact; it encourages creativity and contributes to economic development.

Organization and guidelines

The Classical Music Coalition consists of a number of partners, each of whom represents a specific facet (corresponding institutions, organizations, individual professionals, etc.) of the classical music sector in the Netherlands. Only those representing a ‘defined base’ (i.e. formal or informal branch or umbrella organizations, etc.) can become a partner within the KMC. Individual organizations or persons cannot join. The current KMC roster can be found on this website under the heading ‘Partners’.

Participation includes a (proportional) financial contribution. Once the amount of this contribution is proposed in advance to the current partners for approval, the contribution must be approved every year by the OKMC foundation and approved by the plenary KMC.

A managerial group of 5-7 persons will be chosen from within the coalitionpartners to oversee and direct the substance of the alliance’s activities. The current group is made up of: Gabriël Oostvogel (chairman KMC), Michaël Nieuwenhuizen (general secretary KMC), Marene Elgershuizen (on behalf of the Kunstenbond), Anne de Jong (on behalf of NVPI Audio), Tido Visser (representing NAPK), Sanne Scholten (representing LKCA), Boudewijn Berentsen (representing VSCD) and Feyo Sickinghe (representing the OKMC Foundation).

A small non-profit foundation provides support in realizing the KMC’s activities. This ‘Ondersteuning Klassieke Muziek Coalitie’ (OKMC foundation) consists of three members (chair, secretary, treasurer) and is charged with budget management (budget planning, collection of contributions, etc.) and various facilitating roles (administration, fundraising, etc.). OKMC operates at the behest of the KMC and reports to the KMC partners. The current OKMC consists of Boudewijn Berentsen (chairman), Feyo Sickinghe (secretary) and Anne de Jong (treasurer).